Chandra Shakhar Kundu

Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka


I acquired a Bachelor and a Masters degrees in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka. Now I would like to do research in different fields of Mathematics, specially in computational mathematics, operations research, graph theory, applied mathematics & statistics. I am also passionate about teaching and aspire to be a faculty in future to be able to do both research and teaching.

One of the most rewarding experiences for me to be in Mathematics is that it has changed my whole way of looking at things. Now I like to stripe everything down to their numerical & logical essentials and analyze the underlying patterns.

On the personal side, I enjoy nature, cricket, music, traveling and volunteering.

Research Interest

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Optimization
  • Mathematical Modeling


MSC 2015
Masters of Science in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka

BSC 2014
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka

Training And Extra Courses

I have successfully completed the six-months-long training conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, India under LICT, BCC & ICT Ministry of Bangladesh on Java under NASSCOM certification. I have successfully developed a student management software as a part of my course project.
In this course, I learned how to use and analyze data structures that are used in industry-level applications, such as linked lists, trees, and hashtables. This course also taught me how to apply asymptotic Big-O analysis to describe the performance of algorithms and evaluate which strategy to use for efficient data retrieval, addition of new data, deletion of elements, and/or memory usage. Certificate Link
This course trained me in how to employ algorithmic thinking by following a set of steps to solve real-world problems. Certificate Link
After completing the course, I became conversant with the terminology and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. Certificate Link
In this course, I learned the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, how to leverage the power of existing libraries, how to build graphical user interfaces, and how to use some core algorithms for searching and sorting data. Certificate Link
This two-part course introduces the basic mathematical and programming principles that underlie much of Computer Science. I have successfully completed this course. Certificate Link

Test Credentials

Total Score: 98
Reading: 27, Listening: 26, Speaking: 20, Writing: 25
Total Score: 314
Quantitative: 166, Verbal: 148, Analytica Writing: 2.5

Bachelor Project & Presentation

Chandra Shakhar Kundu, Imran Ahmed & Toma Debnath

“Laplace Transformation and Its Application”

In this project, we applied Laplace Transformation to solve ODE, PDE, and Integral Equations. With the help of Laplace transformation, we solved different practical problems such as finding the moment generating function, determining the value of a consol, and deriving the complex impedance for a capacitor.

Professional Experience

Present 2014
Coloriva IT
Lead Developer

Coloriva is a very experienced technology company that develops websites. I developed a lot of local & international websites as well as algorithms to optimize & represent the website data.

2013 2012
Ma O Moni Coaching Center
Mathematics Instructor

Ma O Moni Coaching Center is an academic coaching center for secondary & higher secondary students. I worked there as a part-time mathematics instructor.

Volunteer Work

Present 2015

"Liberation War of Bangladesh: Documents" a 15-volume series of records and documents on the Liberation War of Bangladesh and published in 1982. Juddhodolil is a voluntary project to translate the English content into Bengali and to convert the Bengali documents into Unicode.

Present 2013
Co-founder & CTO

Borgomul comprises a group of Mathematics enthusiasts, arranges different mathematical seminar & competitions and conducts an online community blog platform.

Web Developer

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